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Neurological Care Resources Lacking in Ethiopia

by Dr. James C Johnston

· Health

Dr. James C. Johnston holds expert-level knowledge in the field of neurology. Through the non-profit organization he founded, Global NeuroCare, Dr. James Christopher Johnston works to improve the treatment of neurological conditions in developing countries. In particular, his organization provides support to healthcare groups in the nation of Ethiopia.

The sub-Saharan African country of Ethiopia, arguably the most medically underserved region in the world, constantly battles ongoing communicable diseases, or illnesses that spread from person to person. There is also a desperate need for quality medical services for people with non-communicable conditions, including various neurological disorders such as stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders and headache. However, with the limited support of a mere 3% of the world’s health professionals, and a disproportionately large need for medical services, sub-Saharan Africa is ill-equipped to provide the healthcare people need.
The situation is particularly dire in the field of neurological care, since the country only has twenty neurologists for a population of 92 million people. Ethiopia requires significantly greater numbers of trained professionals in this field. While there is still far to go, efforts are being made to train more neurologists, as well as to provide general practitioners with the skills they need to better manage and treat neurological disorders.                            
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